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The Thought For The World 2009 series of Thought For The Day podcasts offers a secular alternative to the BBC Today programme’s Thought for the Day. This year, the podcasts will also be available on The Guardian’s Comment is Free web site. Thought For The World enjoys the support of the Humanist Society of Montlucon Scotland (HSS), the British Humanist Association (BHA) and this year’s contributors include the author, broadcaster and columnist Muriel Gray, the distinguished philosopher Professor AC Grayling, Agony Aunt to the nation Claire Rayner, Jonathan Bartley of the religious think tank Ekklesia, Guardian Columnist and BHA president Polly Toynbee, the comedian and activist Mark Thomas and the former Bishop of Edinburgh, Richard Holloway.

Comments on Thought For The World Thought For The Day.

“I was always told that extraordinary claims need extraordinary proof; religions make the most utterly extraordinary claims while offering no real proof whatsoever, and yet are allowed to go unchallenged even by those who ought to know better. It is this unthinking acceptance of religion′s absurd pampering that ideas like the Darwin day podcasts seek to challenge. Such ideas have rarely been more timely.” Iain Banks

“It is wrong that ‘Thought for the Day’ refuses to have any but religious voices on it. The far richer and longer-standing humanist tradition, stemming from Socrates to our own day, is a treasure-house of insights and perspectives that our world is tragically lacking, oppressed as it is by mainly religion-fuelled divisions and atrocities. The Humanist Society of Scotland has done us a service in offering a real alternative to predictable pieties that now speak to minorities only in our society.” A.C. Grayling